EXUBERANCE2K17 Introduces one of its event among all THE (AMALGAM). As the name identifies the event is the mixture of all fun activities. Amalgam is the spot where the average comic fanboy/fangirl would showcase their talent and the knowledge they have by spending years on watching HOLLYWOOD and BOLLYWOOD movies and cortoons . AMALGAAM gives you a platform to prove yourself who told that you are wasting your time in movies and cartoons and relive your childhood years by playing your favourite comic characters Details of the event and link to registration can be found in the Amalgam page in www.EXEBURANCE17.COM

What to do

As it is clear from its name it is the mixture of all the fun activities based on MARVEL and DC comics characters and HOLLYWOOD and BOLLYWOOD.


  • The whole event contains four rounds.
  • Round one ASSORTMENT ROUND, round two HOLLY-BOLLY, round three CLASH OF LEGENDS , round four FINALE.
  • The first round ASSORTMENT, in this round the team of all participants have to qualify the round by giving answer of question given to them in written form
  • The team will qualify to next round on the basis of each correct answer.
  • In which twenty candidates will be short listed.
  • The second round HOLLY-BOLLY is of questions answers based on four options and the correct answer will give 100 points, the second attempt will give 50 and the third deserves 25 points.
  • The questions in the second round will be asked to each candidate separately one by one on HOLLYWOOD and BOLLYWOOD.
  • Again the ten candidates will be short listed to next round on the basis of their points.
  • The third round CLASH OF LEGENDS is of the debate round in which the debate is between two groups having five students in each.
  • The debate is between the MARVEL and DC comics characters.
  • Again the five lucky candidates will be promoted to final round according to their performance.
  • The fourth round is FINALE in which with in given time all the candidates have to describe their role as in famous DC and MARVEL character given to them randomly one by one.
  • The best reply of description by candidate of that role will be the winner and deserves the winning price and the second best is runner up with in five minutes.


  • The judgement is based on the candidate's performance as individual or in a group based on different situation in all four rounds.
  • The candidates are promoted to next round according to their points in round first and second.
  • According to their performance in round third and fourth.
  • The final round also contains time limitation of five minutes to each top five candidates.
  • The best among all five will be the winner.

  • The winner Mr or Mr's AMALGAM is awarded with the prize money of rupees 3000(first prize).
  • The runner deserves rupees 1500(second prize).
  • Eligibility

  • All students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate in this competition
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    You can mail your queries or you can contact any of the following co-ordinators personally:

  • Hassan Haider
  • Contact: 7235852365
  • Shahnawaz
  • Contact: 8182846921