Block warrior


A platform to show your maneuverability skills performing picking & placing objects.

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What to do
Create a manually operated wired or wireless robot that can move and pick blocks with dimensions 8cm*8cm*8cm and perform simple task such as grabbing and shifting of blocks.

  • Team wise registration fee is 2000/- for this competition.
  • Initially robots must fit within a cuboid of 350X2800X300(lxwxh) [in mm].
  • Flippers, grippers and other mechanism (if any) should be well within the given dimensions.
  • The Robot must be stable and able to move on its own. A Robot, not fulfilling these criteria will be disqualified.
  • The robot should not have any mechanism that can damage the arena in any manner.
  • The robots shall be inspected before the event. Failing the inspection shall lead to disqualification.
  • The wire used to power/feed the robot should remain slack at all times.
  • The voltage difference between any two points in the robot must not exceed 24 volts.
  • Pneumatic/Hydraulic/Cutter/Projectile/Entanglement etc. mechanism are NOT allowed.
  • Wireless Control- If you are using a home built control system, or a control system which is not commercially available, you must first clear it with the Managers,General rules
  • General rules:-
  • Each team can have maximum 5 participants.
  • A Team may consist of students from different colleges.
  • No damage should be made by a robot to the arena or to other team’s robots during the match in any manner.
  • robots should not be disassembled until the result is declared.
  • The organizers reserve the right to change the rules and/or arena as they deem fit.
  • When a team is called for match, they must report within five minutes.
  • 230volt AC power supply will be given by the event manager. Ready-made chassis and use of LEGO is not allowed.
  • Judges/managers decision will be final.
  • Human interventions:-
  • For a minimum of 2 human interventions there will be no penalty. But for each of the human intervention made afterwards they will be penalized with 20 points.
  • Human intervention shall not exceed more than 5 seconds and during human intervention the robot must remain in the Arena. The robot should be placed back at the same place where the human intervention was made.
  • A maximum of 10 Human interventions will be allowed beyond which the teams willbe disqualified.
  • If the human intervention exceeds 5 seconds it will bensidered as a time out and the rules of Time out will come into effect .
  • Bypassing any hurdle will cause deduction of 10 points. Note: There is no hard and fast rule distinguishing between a human intervention and time out the decision of the JUDGE PANEL will be final.


    Round one :-
  • Point system:-
  • For picking any box 10 points will be awarded
  • 20 points will be awarded on successfully in crossing the first ramp(smooth finished).
  • For crossing the roller with box 50 points will be awarded.
  • 20 points will be awarded on successfully in crossing the second ramp.
  • For placing one box at the drop point 50 points will be awarded.
  • Game time 5 minutes for first this round
  • If you complete full task in less time remaining time will be added to your score.
  • Round two :-
  • Your robot should start from start point.
  • Cross the hurdles meet the check point, 150 points will be rewarded.
  • After first check point your robot should pickup box and cross the ramp and mud area and drop the block in slot,100 points will be rewarded
  • Cross the hanging bridge 50 points will be rewarded if robot successfully crosses the bridge.
  • After crossing the bridge there will be marble section which carries 70 points .
  • Crossing the second ramp which carries 50 points.
  • And for the pyramid formation 150 points will be rewarded. Game time 12minutes for this round
  • If you complete full task in less time, remaining time will be added to your score

  • 1ST prize winner Rs 8000/-
  • 2ND prize winner Rs 5000/-
  • Elibigibility
  • All students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate in this Competition
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    Contact Details

    You can mail your queries or you can contact any of the following co-ordinators personally:
  • Himanshu Singh
  • 9918120280, 9519691247
  • Anand Gupta
  • 8299489461