Bridge-O-Mania is a truss bridge making competition to give the participants an idea about how the bridge works, carries the load and its practical life use.
A truss bridge is a bridge load-bearing super structure is composed of a truss, a structure of connected elements forming triangular units. The connected elements (typically straight) may be stressed from tension, compression, or sometimes both in response to dynamic loads.

  • Round 1:
    The team has to Construct its bridge at home and present it in front of the organizing team at Allenhouse Group of Colleges. Prepare the abstracts which contain the following: 1)The bridge must weigh 350 grams or less. 2)The teams will be short-listed for the second round on the basis of their abstracts.
  • Round 2:
    The model built by each team will be tested till failure (yielding) by applying an incremental static load.
    The spaghetti bridge dimensions should be within the specified limit of
    Length =56-60cm
    Width =10-11cm

    Clear distance:
    8cm high by 10cm wide clearance must be provided along with the entire length of the bridge.

    Popsicles sticks use must be within the following specifications:
    1) 114mm Long.
    2) 10mm Wide.
    3) 1.5mm Thick.
    Since it’s a one day competition participants can use Fevicol (as per the requirement).

      • Event is open to all
      • Team size- maximum 3 (min 1)
      • Participants can form teams from different branches/school/colleges/universities/institutes
      • Two teams can't have a common member.
      • Span of the models shouldn’t exceed 60 cm.


    The decision of the judges will be final. Any monument that violates the mentioned rules or the spirit of the competition will be disqualified.
    • Load carrying capacity:
    • Span of the models
    • Efficiency of the model
    • Design of structure
    • Weight of the bridge itself
    • Aesthetics


    All students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate in this Competition.


    You can mail your queries or you can contact any of the following co-ordinators personally:

    Atul Kumar Shukla
    Mohd. Shahzeb
    Priyanka Singh