Sky scrapper...

The design of tall building essentially involves conceptual design, appropriate analysis, preliminary design and maximum load carrying capacity of the building. The structural design of skyscrapers must ensure to withstand any kind of fatigue, cracking, and failure of the building. The super structures design workshop aims at educating the participants about analysis and design of 5 tall buildings. Students will be introduced to basic concept of structural building engineering with the help of various case studies. Participants will understand and develop the skill required for designing tall buildings for real world.

What to do
Here participants will have to make a building/tower with Newspaper and tape. They will have to make the building/tower on the spot and submit their work within the given deadline. In order to understand and to have practical hands on experience of the designing and manufacturing of the superstructures-participants require to use raw materials (Newspapers and cello tape only) and to make most stable tallest building and their structures can be inspired from or could be replica of established tall buildings within the given time constraint. Given time- 2 hours.

    • Event is open to all.
    • Team size- maximum 4 (min 1).
    • Participants can form teams from different branches/school/colleges/universities/institutes.
    • Two teams can't have a common member.
    • Time limit 2 hours.

Judging Criteria
The decision of the judges will be final. Any monument that violates the mentioned rules or the spirit of the competition will be disqualified.
  • Height of the building/tower.
  • Design of structure.
  • Stability of structure.
  • Aesthetics. Preference will be given to the participants who will make the replica of famous skyscrapers.
  • Prize
  • 1ST prize winner Rs 4000/-
  • 2ND prize winner Rs 2000/-
  • Co-ordinators
    You can mail your queries or you can contact any of the following co-ordinators personally:

  • Abu sufiyan
  • Contact: 9044909367
  • Mohd. Shahzeb
  • Contact: 7860192956
  • Atul Kumar Shukla
  • Contact: 8576071635